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At Protect It, we supply comprehensive ANSI-compliant packages of First-Aid Products to keep your employees safe and healthy. We utilize cutting edge technology to make certain your products are never expired, while saving you an average of 25% on easy, automated replacements.

The effective management of workplace safety significantly reduces the extent and severity of work-related injuries and illnesses, as well as their related costs.

Our First Aid Cabinets are the Perfect, Worry-Free Solution for Your Work Environment

Protect It First Aid Kits are designed for quick, easy access to products that are clearly labeled.

Find what you need when you need it.

As a member of our complete First Aid and Safety Program you will receive top notch customer service. You are not just a number. You become part of our First Aid and Safety family, receiving personalized support when you need it most.

Our Services

Walkthrough Site Evaluation and Recommendation

We will conduct a walkthrough evaluation of your facility to determine the best location for your first aid cabinet(s). We determine the number of kits that will benefit your workforce and modify them to the specific needs of your employees. We make sure that the supplies we include are completely relevant to potential injuries that can occur.

Durable First Aid Cabinets Modified to Fit Your Needs

We provide only the highest quality first aid supplies and equipment that meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI standards, customized to your specific needs. We determine the prime location(s) for your cabinet(s) that will allow for quick and easy access to supplies.

Full-Service Cabinet Restocking Route Service

Our trained safety professionals van-deliver, install, and replenish your first-aid cabinets monthly, always maintaining supply levels and ensuring the safety of your employees. Your Protect It EHS Cloud Portal will be automatically updated after each visit for ongoing audit and reference.

What You Need to Know About First Aid & Safety in the Workplace

5 Major Areas of First Aid

Our First Aid Kit(s) include the supplies that are essential to your entire workforce, plus any additional supplies to meet individual employee needs.

Our kits are compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards and our First Aid and Safety program addresses all Five Areas of First Aid in the workplace.

These include the following:

  1. Major Injury/ Trauma (scissors, gauze pads)
  2. Minor Injury (bandages, cold compress)
  3. Eye Care (Eyewash stations)
  4. Employee Comfort (cold relief, headache medication)
  5. Burn Care (burn dressing, cream)

Along with the 5 Major Areas of First Aid, we consider the following important factors when building your kit(s):

  • The potential severity and likelihood of occurrence of a particular illness or injury.
  • The number of first aid kits needed based on size of your facility and number of employees you have.
  • The physical layout of your facility.
  • Your distance from emergency treatment centers or emergency services.



The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets the standards for first aid and safety in the workplace.


The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) enforces the standards of workplace compliance.

OSHA Regulation 1910.151

This OSHA regulation states, in summary, that in the absence of a clinic or hospital in near proximity to the workplace, employers must have first aid supplies readily available for treatment of injured employees. This is very important and carefully considered by Protect It.


ANSI provides a list of minimum requirements and recommended supplies for workplace First Aid Kits. They have developed a Class A and a Class B list.

ANSI Class A First Aid Kits

Class A kits are recommended for common workplace injuries, including minor cuts or abrasions, headaches, etc. The Class A supply list below is the bare minimum an employer must have available for employees:

We exceed the minimum standard so that your workforce always has what they need, when they need it, and you are always in compliance.

We provide more than the minimum to eliminate the risk of running out of supplies between refill visits.

If you carry only one eyewash solution in your kit, for example, and it is used without you realizing it, or it has been tampered with and is somehow not viable, your cabinet is technically non-compliant until that item is replaced.

Unless you are planning on checking your cabinets daily, you will want them stocked with additional supplies for backup, rather than the bare minimum. We are aware of this as a result of our vast experience in many different industries.

ANSI Class B First Aid Kits

Class B cabinets are designed with a broader range and quantity of supplies to treat injuries occurring in more complex or high-risk environments such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, and transportation.

The Class B Plus cabinet includes everything in the Class B kit with the following additions:

  • 100 Antacid Tablets
  • 100 Ibuprofen Tablets
  • 100 Pain Relief Tablets

Regardless of your specific needs, Protect It has you covered when it comes to First Aid and Safety.

You have enough to think about, so allow our experts to supply and manage your workforce safety needs. Don’t wait.

Contact us today via phone call, chat, or email for a free estimate. Our experts are ready to help!

Welcome to the Protect It First Aid and Safety family!

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